Who We Are

We are a collective of Indigenous, African American and Chicano artists and designers that produce original works along with helping artists, institutions, and galleries we respect with large-scale, site-specific installations and murals.

3B Current Members
Alfredo Diaz, BA UCLA, 2016 | MFA Yale, 2019
Aaron Estrada, BA UCLA, 2016 | MFA VCU 2020
Iesha Magallanes, BFA Notre Dame, 2020
Oscar Magallanes, BA UCLA 2017 | UCSD MFA 2021
Gustavo Martinez, BA UCLA, 2015 | UCSD MFA Candidate

Inactive Members
Adrian Alfaro, BA UCLA, 2016
Michael Khosravifard, BBA Loyola Marymount University 2015


3B Collective is a Los Angeles-based group of artists and designers who met while doing their undergraduate studies at UCLA. 3B Collective’s works reflect their commitment to providing an inclusive platform that encourages pride and recognition of the different facets of communities. Their work seeks to make the arts more accessible by addressing social inequalities, creating public works through shared resources, and providing peer support and mentorship for BIPOC artists.

“As children of first-generation immigrant parents, we appreciated the storytelling and educational aspects that murals in our communities provided. In reaction to the erasure and destruction of these murals, we came together to create permanent artworks that can continue to honor a community’s history, the tradition of murals and to help educate those unfamiliar with these histories. These projects work to create a sense of belonging along with promoting the role that public works play in placemaking for those in the communities in which they are installed.” – 3B Collective

Photo by: Brittany Bravo


T: (323) 686-1846

E: info@3BCollective.com



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